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We promote Partnerships which build robust systems and services.

Private Sector Federations like ours across the continent are supporting service providers in the sector to improve access to healthcare services for the benefit of the whole population in line with the aspirations of UHC 2030.

We are a Private Sector Healthcare Federation and we represent providers in the value chain of service provision. Our members are from all categories of businesses and organisations within the healthcare arena.  

We are one of 16 Healthcare Federations on the continent all affiliated with Africa Health Federation. The resulting ecosystem of support and network  streams go a long way to improve our access to great partners and to advocate for positive change both nationally and regionally. 

The coalition also serves as a great platform for engagement with donor agencies, conveners of high level meetings and provide ease of access to significant development tools, support and financing.

Robust systems and services are the pillars which will make attainment of UHC 2030 possible and all stakeholders will do better in partnerships rather than silos.

It is our vision to make such partnerships possible by matching businesses, providing networking opportunities, and acting as advocates for positive change.

Our service pillars are






  • Closed door sessions with our partners

  • Exclusive access to events and call opportunities for projects

  • Partnership Brokerage Service

  • Business Introductory service



Be visible to Local, Regional and International Agencies

Get access to networking events

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